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Standards and Expectations

All employees act as ambassadors for the Trust and role models for our students. Everyone is expected to consistently demonstrate high standards of dress and conduct, respecting the safety and wellbeing of others. 

Please familiarise yourself with attached the Trust code of conduct and the below required standards of dress.

MLT Code of Conduct 

Standards of Dress

  • Employees must be clean and tidy and ensure good personal hygiene.  
  • All employees are expected to dress smartly and portray a business-like and professional image, with a dress code that would be appropriate for attendance at an interview 
  • A jacket must be worn by all employees outside of classrooms, personal office spaces and in all dealings with parents, members of the public and in any dealings with students outside of the classroom. 
  • Footwear should be an enclosed shoe, rather than a sandal – i.e. covering both the toes to the front and the heel to the rear.  
  • Where particular clothing is provided for health, safety and hygiene and/or uniform purposes, it must be worn. 
  • No tattoos must be visible at all in the workplace or while on professional duty for the school.  
  • The only visible piercings should be a single pair of ear-rings 


The Maltby Learning Trust Teaching Standards form the core foundation our teaching and learning approach. These key principles were developed using external research, including the Rosenshine Principles of Instruction, combined with tried and tested techniques that promote a love of learning, develop long-term memory and reduce cognitive load.

In preparation for your new role, please take some time to read the Roseshine’s Principles of Instruction research and familiarise yourself with the Maltby Learning Trust Teaching Standards.

Rosenshine's Principles OF instruction

MLT Teaching Standards

Are your joining Maltby Academy or Sir Thomas Wharton Academy? If so, please now read how these principles are used to structure our lesson cycle.

Lesson Cycle