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Buy a brick

Your Name, Your Brick, and Our Shared History!

The Maltby Learning Trust has accessed Levelling Up Funding to refurbish the old Maltby Grammar School building. The re-purposing of the old Grammar School building will create a mixed-use, flexible complex providing a new sixth-form centre, a facility that will support training and lifelong learning courses, bookable workspaces and meeting rooms, and the Trust’s central services.

Enclosing the courtyard will create a new heart space accessed from a new entrance piazza and served by a coffee shop for use by the building users and the public. The heart space will be available as a general social meeting place, an exhibition space, a performance area, or a large meeting or presentation space.

This project will transform a building that is important to the local community’s heritage and a valuable part of the public realm.

The Trust has launched this 'Buy a Brick’ scheme that will allow Maltby alumni, including former staff or students of the Maltby Grammar School or any of the subsequent secondary schools, and community members that have an association with any of the schools, to purchase a personalised brick face that is engraved with their names and dates of attendance (where appropriate).

The bricks will cost £40 each and will be used to create a wall on the new entrance piazza into the building.

The aim is for the campaign to generate excitement and community involvement in this local venture.

Brick Engraving

Please note that you can have a maximum of 32 characters over two lines (16 per line) for your engraving. Please ensure to input your details at the time of purchase in the message for the merchant box.

Build your legacy and leave your mark today!



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Buy a Brick scheme? 

The Buy a Brick Scheme is an initiative by the Maltby Learning Trust. It is a fundraising initiative that allows individuals or organisations with any connection to the Old Grammar School to purchase a brick engraved with their name. The brick will be displayed outside the main entrance of the new and renovated Grammar Hub.

How does it work?

To buy a brick, please visit Maltby Learning Trust ( and purchase a brick valued at £40. You must ensure that you input your details in the message for the merchant field at the time of purchase.

How many characters can be used on the engraved brick?

You can have a maximum of 32 characters over two lines (16 per line including spaces)

What can I engrave on the bricks?

Full first name and last name, including the year associated with your time at the Old Grammar School. Avoid requesting nicknames or business names. We advise only one name per brick.

What happens after I purchase a brick?

Once you have made a purchase, you will receive a confirmation email. If required, a Trust representative may contact you for further information to complete your order. You will also receive an electronic certificate as a thank-you for your support in due course.

When will my brick be on display?

It takes approximately 3–4 weeks to custom-make and engrave your sponsored brick. Once it's ready, it will be shipped and put on display. You will receive an email notification once your brick has been delivered and put on display.

Will I be notified when my brick is on display?

Yes, once your engraved brick has been delivered and put on display, you will receive a notification via email informing you that your brick is now on display.

Can I buy a brick on behalf of someone else?

You can purchase a brick as a gift for someone else. Please make a note at the time of purchase if you are buying a brick on behalf of someone else.