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Our Vision & Values


The Maltby Learning Trust is committed to delivering exceptional learning experiences that enable all young people to thrive in a competitive world and lead successful and fulfilling lives.


Act in ways that are principled, built upon a clear set of personal values.

Passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of all children, families and communities.


Investing in the Right People

We Are Self Aware: Reflective, tactful and emotionally intelligent

We Have Integrity: Honest, fair, transparent and principled

We Are Positive: Optimistic, hopeful, confident, solution driven and resilient

We Have Personal Drive: Innovative, self motivated, energetic and ambitious

Committing to the Learning Community

We Are Aligned: Dedicated, loyal and committed to the organisation

We Are Responsible: Dependable, organised, flexible and accountable

We Build Relationships: Respectful, good listener, authentic

We Collaborate: Supportive, inclusive and coherent team players

Empowering All to Lead and Grow

We Hold to Account: Challenges, supports, provides clarity and consistency

We Impact and Influence: Persuasive, compelling, relentless, credible and adds value

We Inspire Others: Enthusiastic, energised and champions others

We Develop Others: Empowers, enables, provides support and challenges others