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Guidance for Communicating an Absence

These notes indicate the procedure you must follow to notify your absence and to ensure you receive the sickness allowance to which you may be entitled.   

Unable to Attend Work  

Notify the Academy between 7.45-8.00am - call Wath Academy on 01709 760222 (ext. 147) – please note you must dial the extension given as the general school line will be closed; giving reasons for your absence and indicating how long you feel you may be absent and an anticipated date of return to work.  

You must ring the absence line on each day of your illness unless you are signed as unfit to work by your GP. Upon return to work staff must inform the school office by 8am using the extension number above.  

Communication During Absence  

Regular contact should be maintained throughout the duration of your absence.  If you anticipate that you will be absent for longer than originally expected you must contact the relevant manager immediately to discuss your illness.   

If you are absent from work for less than 5 working days you will be required to complete a Self Certification Form 

If you are absent from work for 5 working days or more you will be required to provide a Medical Certificate from your doctor/hospital.   

Failure to comply with the above procedures as amended and adopted may result in the delay or loss of sick pay. 

Payment During Sickness  

When you are absent from work due to sickness or industrial injury you have a duty to notify your employer.  Subject to certain rules, in place of some or all of your normal earnings, you may then be due to sick pay. 

Payments made during periods of sickness are usually made up of two elements:- 

  • A Statutory allowance which is usually Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)  

  • Occupational Sickness Allowance. 

You may be eligible to payments from one or both of these sources.  Payroll will calculate and pay any entitlement to SSP and Occupational Sickness Allowance and will notify you if you have to make a claim for Department for Work and Pensions Benefits, if SSP is not payable. 

Accident at Work  

If your absence results from an accident at work you must report the accident immediately and complete an Accident Report Form.  

Return to Work  

Following a period of absence you are required to inform the Academy that you are fit to return to work and to agree your return date and on your return to work the principal will carry out a Return to Work Interview.  

The Academy/Trust have a duty of care to ensure that all our employees are fit to return to work.  A Return to Work Interview allows managers and employees to discuss the absence, any reasonable adjustments if appropriate and to highlight any absence triggers or formal procedures that may be required.   


Reception opening hours are 8am-4pm Monday – Thursday and 8am-3.30pm Friday  


Reprographics is located on the first floor and you are able to make requests from the computer in the room and add it to the work pile. Alternatively you can use the LP and send this electronically. 

LP Guide 

Select logistics on the main LP page. 

Select Reprographics on the left hand side of the page. 

Complete the request by following the instructions and submitting your request. You will receive an email indicating your request and then a further email will be sent when the work is ready to collect.  

Please allow at least 48 hours notice for photocopying.  

Finance and Payroll 

Emme Rogers, Business Manager, leads the Academy finance team and is the Academy Payroll contact. Emma can be contacted on 

Communication Systems & Processes  

Website & Social Media 

Andrew Staniforth manages the Academy website and social media.  

Any resources for publication on the Academy website must be signed off by the Leadership Team before they are submitted to Andrew.  

The Academy has its own Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.Social Media is an ideal mode of communication for reminders, events or information – submit requests to Andrew. Photos must be checked for consent before they can be shared on Social Media. Full names of students must never be disclosed on Social Media.  

Some departments have their own Instagram or Twitter accounts which they manage and post directly to.  

The following emails groups can be used to contact different services or subject areas within the school. 

All general enquiries that don’t fall into the categories below.  

All school related ICT problems including Show My Homework (SMHW) and other ICT systems.  
Please note this is for parents and students to use. Staff should contact ICT Support using the usual e-mail address.  


Attendance team  

Our 'Le Rendezvous' catering team  


Finance team  

PYL Pastoral Year Leader team  

Safeguarding Team  

Any queries relating to special educational needs  

Sixth Form Team  




Subject Areas  

Art department  

Design Tech, Graphics and Food  

Business and Economics  



Including Media Studies  



Information Communication Technology  



French, Spanish, German  

Physical Education  

Sociology, psychology, health & social care, religious education, life skills  

Including Biology, Chemistry and Physics