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Who do I give my P45 to or contact if I am emergency taxed? 

If you have received a P45 from your previous employer, please submit this to a member of the HR Team as early as possible to ensure that you are allocated the correct tax code.  Failure to do this may result in an emergency tax code being applied.    

If you are assigned an Emergency Tax Code on your first pay date, you should contact HMRC on 0300 200 3200.  A HMRC advisor will discuss your circumstances and then issue a Coding Notice to the Payroll provider with details of the correct tax code to apply.  When you call you will need to quote your National Insurance Number and your Employer PAYE reference number:  673/HA39642.  The HR Team are unable to do this on your behalf. 

When and how do I get paid? 

Payments are made via bank transfer on the 26th of each month. This date will only change within the festive period, at such time communication will be provided via email. 

Are there corporate discounts I can access as part of my employment? 

Yes, working in education means that all employees are able to access a large number of corporate discounts through the following site:  

Can I claim overtime? 

Yes, Associate Professionals are able to claim overtime as long as this has been pre agreed with your line manager and the Academy Principal. For further information on how to claim overtime and additional hours, please contact HR directly on;

Will I automatically be enrolled in a pension scheme? 

Yes, enrolment is automatic for employees  who earn over £10,000 from a single job. Teachers will be enrolled in the Teachers’ Pension Service and  Associate Professional colleagues will be enrolled with the South Yorkshire Pension Authority. 

Can I opt out of a pension scheme? 

Yes you can do so by contacting your provider directly. However, before opting out we would encourage you to consider the benefits of membership.

How do I access my payslips? 

Access to E-Paysafe will be automatically generated as you are enrolled on Payroll. The Trust operates an electronic payslip (ePayslip) facility via our payroll provider Dataplan. You can access your payslip via the following hyperlink;

Do I need a card or key to enter the building? 

All cards, fobs and keys will be issued by your line manager and the ICT team upon commencement with the Trust.

Is there on-site parking? 

Yes, designated and secure car parking facilities for both employees and visitors are provided at each site.

How long do I get for lunch? 

The timing and duration of lunchtime can differ for each employee. If you are uncertain, discuss this with your line manager.

Can I leave the Academy at Lunchtime? 

Employees are free to leave the academy at lunchtime unless you are required to undertake lunch duties.

Where can I find colleagues’ email addresses? 

You will be provided with school email access and a contact list on the first day with the academy/Trust. 

How do I report a safeguarding concern? 

Where staff have a concern about a child, they should follow the process outlined in the school Safeguarding Policy, this includes making a report via CPOMS, which can be done remotely. 

In the unlikely event that a member of staff cannot access their CPOMS from home, they should email the Designated Safeguarding Lead, Principal and the Trust Safeguarding Lead. This will ensure that the concern is received.