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MALTBY Useful Information

Absence Procedures 

Reporting an Unplanned Absence 

All absence calls must be received before 7am on our 24hr answer phone 07963211142. Please do not leave a message on the main school reception number, as the message will not reach the Cover Manager prior to the Academy day beginning. Please note emails or texts will not be accepted as confirmation of absence. 

The Cover Manager is available on 01709 812864 from 7.30am to answer any other absence and punctuality issues.  

You must inform your Line Manager of your absence so that cover work can be arranged for classes where required.  

Five consecutive days of absence can be self-certified; this certificate will be supplied to you on your first day of absence. This form must be signed by your Line Manager. must take place. 

For an absence of more than five days, a medical Fit Note must be provided.  

All absence must be reported daily unless a Fit Note has been provided  

Accident at Work  

If your absence results from an accident at work you must report the accident immediately and complete an Accident Report Form.  

Return to Work  

Following a period of absence you are required to inform the Academy that you are fit to return to work and to agree your return date and on your return to work the principal will carry out a Return to Work Interview.  

The Academy/Trust have a duty of care to ensure that all our employees are fit to return to work.  A Return to Work Interview allows managers and employees to discuss the absence, any reasonable adjustments if appropriate and to highlight any absence triggers or formal procedures that may be required.   

Pre-Planned Absence  

If you have a pre-planned absence due to a medical appointment, a meeting out of the Academy or other circumstances, this must be requested and approved seven days in advance, using the Timetable Form, which are obtainable from the Cover Managers Office. The Cover Manager will use your Timetable Form to cross check against the academy calendar and cover diary.

Cover Processes 

Once the principal has approved your cover request, it will be added to the Cover Diary and added to your timetable, you will be able to view it on your SIMS homepage.  

Communication Systems and Processes  


Communication is through the Maltby Academy App from MA to parents/carers and vice versa. Messages and letters are sent first via the App, then email and then text if necessary. Paper is the last option. Please note that a mail merge does need to be paper copy as you cannot merge through the App.  

- App / text messages have 405 characters’ limit. If a larger message is required, then it will need to be made into a microsite and be sent to parents/carers as an attachment.  

- Messages from staff range from 'well done' to students to reminders to parents/carers of forthcoming tests, intervention sessions etc.  

- Parents/carers contact the Academy through the App e.g. absence, detention, academic questions.  

 - Staff have access to the App to be able to download completed consent forms.  

 Letters and Messages  

 There is a minimum three-day lead time for letters but the earlier you can send the letter the better especially if a response is required e.g. consent form to be completed.  

A lot of trips, events run annually and a letter with already exist. It will need updating and then sending to Helle Woodcock to be formatted, proofed and sent.  

Messages – Can go out quicker than three days but please allow some time for them to be processed.  


If you are planning a trip/event, please complete the relevant form and email to Rachael Barratt.:   

All trips/events etc will be discussed/approved by SLT. This meet will take place weekly on a Monday morning.  

 Website / Social Media  

Maltby Academy have their own website as does the Trust and each Academy within the Trust.  Please email Helle Woodcock if you would like anything adding the website:   

Maltby Academy have a Facebook and twitter page. Some departments also have their own twitter or Instagram page. Send to Helle Woodcock to update the MA Facebook and twitter page:   


There is a three-day lead time on copying. To request copying, either email or complete a form available in the reprographics office 

Emergency copying is also available in the morning – 7.45am – 8.30am and the afternoon – 12.25pm – 12.55pm. The office closes at 2.45pm.  

Payroll/Finance Information & Team  

Rachael Barratt, PA to the Principal is able to respond to any pay-roll related enquires. 
Rachael’s extension number is 250. Rachael can be contacted via email:   

For any finance or lettings enquiries, contact Angela Suphanit. Angela can be contacted via email: