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STWA Useful Information

Sign in/sign out procedures 

All staff must record their presence on and off site by signing in and out as appropriate using the electronic touch screen sign in machines.   

Please ensure that you sign in and out every time you arrive or leave site. 

Whilst on site, all staff are expected to wear their name badge with the black MLT lanyard. This is to distinguish between Trust colleagues, and visitors who are issued with orange lanyards whilst on site. Anyone without an identification badge must be challenged to comply with safeguarding rules. 

Reception Opening Hours and Visitors 

Opening hours: 

Monday to Thursday 7:45am until 4:15pm  

Friday 7:45am until 4pm 

Phones are switched over at 8am. 


If you have a visitor due to meet you at the academy please let reception know and they can pre-book them in; this will save time when your visitor arrives.  

Reception will need to know person’s name, date of arrival and time. Notify via email:  


If you require any furniture moved, repairs done, etc. email reception and they will add it to the helpdesk for Vinci, our Site Management Company, to action.  

Use this mode of communication to report anything around the academy site that needs repairing.  

If a child is sick, nose bleed and it needs attention immediately, notify reception as soon as possible for Vinci to deploy emergency site action. 

Absence Procedures 

Reporting an unplanned absence 

All absence calls must be received before 7.15am on our 24hr answer phone 01709 856955. Please do not leave a message on the main school reception number, as the message will not reach the Cover Manager prior to the academy day beginning. 

The Cover Manager is available on 01709 856957 from 7.30am to answer any other absence and punctuality issues.  

You must inform your Line Manager of your absence so that cover work can be arranged for classes where required.  

Five consecutive days of absence can be self-certified; this certificate will be supplied to you on your first day of absence. This form must be signed by your Line Manager. 

For an absence of more than five days, a medical Fit Note must be provided.  

All absence must be reported daily unless a Fit Note has been provided  

Accident at Work  

If your absence results from an accident at work you must report the accident immediately and complete an Accident Report Form.  

Return to Work  

Following a period of absence you are required to inform the academy that you are fit to return to work and to agree your return date and on your return to work the principal will carry out a Return to Work Interview.  

The Academy/Trust have a duty of care to ensure that all our employees are fit to return to work.  A Return to Work Interview allows managers and employees to discuss the absence, any reasonable adjustments if appropriate and to highlight any absence triggers or formal procedures that may be required.   

Pre-Planned Absence  

If you have a pre-planned absence due to a medical appointment, a meeting out of the academy or other circumstances, this must be requested and approved seven days in advance, using the Timetable Form, which are obtainable from the Cover Managers Office.  

Cover Processes 

Once the principal has approved your cover request, it will be added to the Cover Diary and added to your timetable, you will be able to view it on your SIMS homepage.  

The form will be returned in your pigeon hole for your records; it will indicate where your classes will be covered. This will either be in your classroom, or in the Study Centre.   

The Study Centre is based on central hub of the academy and is managed by Jeanette Hattersley:
Work should be emailed to Jeanette three days in advance of your pre-planned cover. Ideally, the work should capitalise on the computing facilities that the Study Centre provides. The lesson should be planned using the Learning Cycle, ensuring that students are provided with continuity in their learning experience. 


Sally Sleightholme and Nichola Winder coordinate all academy events.  

In order to plan an in-school event, you will need to liaise with Sally Sleightholme. In advance of communicating with Sally, you will need to know: 

  • Date and time. 

  • Number of people. 

  • Where the event will take place. 

  • Whether the room requires a specific set-up. 

  • Refreshments required 

  • Letters to be sent. Whether replies will be required. 


Sally Sleightholme coordinates all lines of communication. Sir Thomas Wharton Academy primarily use the MyED app for all our communication.
The app is used to send: 

  • Messages to groups or individuals (405 character limit) 

  • Letters 

  • Forms with reply slips and to collate permissions 

  • Congratulations and ’Well done’ messages 

  • Reminders 

A three-day lead time is required to ensure letters are sent and received in a timely fashion.  

Any letters or messages (405 character limit) home will need to be signed off by the Leadership Team before they are submitted to Sally for communication. Ensure that the list of students and the year group are specified when submitting communication requests. 

Paper communication is only sent to those parents who have requested it. 


Sally Sleightholme manages the academy website. 

Any resources for publication on the academy website must be signed off by the Leadership Team before they are submitted to Sally. 

The website is an ideal mode of communication for good news stories or events. Again, clear this with the Leadership Team in order for Sally to publicise. 

Social Media 

Sally Sleightholme oversees the Sir Thomas Wharton academy social media accounts. The academy has it's own Facebook page @sirthomaswharton and Twitter @STWAcademy, which are managed by Sally.  

Social Media is an ideal mode of communication for reminders, events or information – submit requests to Sally. Photos must be checked for consent before they can be shared on Social Media. Full names of students must never be disclosed on Social Media. 

Some departments have their own Instagram or Twitter accounts which they manage and post directly to: 



























Sally Sleightholme is our Academy Photographer. Should you wish to publicise an interesting lesson or event in the academy, notify Sally with a description of the event, the time and place. Correct uniform and all presentational standards must be in line with Academy Policy ahead of any photography opportunities. Sally will take photos for the academy website and social media accounts and check the photo permissions ahead of publication.  


Sally Sleightholme oversees all marketing materials within the academy and Amy Blythe manages marketing from a Trust level.
All marketing proposals must be signed off by the Leadership Team.  

School Trips  

Matt McDonald is the Senior Leader for all trips. He can be contacted on Vera Purdy assists Matt McDonald with coordinating all trips and should be the first port of call when planning a school trip. 

Vera Purdy will cross check the proposed dates for the school trip against the Academy Calendar and Cover Diary. Once the date has been approved, Vera will issue the initial paperwork, which must be completed and submitted to Matt McDonald, who will present the proposal to the Senior Leadership Team for approval. 

Do not book any trip until this procedure has been fully completed and the Principal’s approval given.  

Upon approval, further paperwork will be issued and an electronic risk assessment must be completed. 


Opening hours: 7:45am until 2:45pm. 

Emergency printing: 7:45am until 8:30am 10.30am until 10.45am 12:25 until 12:55 

Please email any print jobs to or with a three day lead time.  

On the email, notify Tina of the date and lesson that you require the printing/copying for. 

Once the job is done, the printing will be deposited in your pigeon hole, which can be found opposite the Reprographics Centre.  

Payroll/Finance Information & Team 

Nichola Winder, PA to the Principal, is able to respond to any payroll related enquires.
Nichola’s extension number is 6954. Nichola can be contacted via email:  

For finance and lettings enquiries, please contact Deborah Todds. Deborah can be contacted via e-mail: