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Our Vision

Our Vision

The Maltby Learning Trust is committed to securing purposeful partnerships with parents, staff, governors, local community groups and broader business partners to deliver the very best for every child and young person.  The MLT is entrusted to provide outstanding teaching and learning and personalised guidance and support so that all learners develop the personal qualities, resilience and competencies that make them employable and enables them to live healthy, successful and fulfilled lives.  The common goal is high aspirations, challenge and support for all young people and adults who learn and work within the Maltby Learning Trust.


To achieve this ambition, the Trust is committed to the following values:

  • Excellence as standard. Everyone strives to reach their potential and achieve the highest standards possible, enabling them to contribute effectively to society as responsible citizens who value learning and secure a positive progression route through relevant education or training to fulfil their career ambitions.
  • Providing outstanding provision.  Secure outstanding teaching and learning through a curriculum which meets every young persons’ individual learning and developmental needs.
  • Maintaining healthy lifestyles. Equip everyone with the knowledge and skills to maintain both physical and mental wellbeing for themselves and their families.
  • Securing high expectations and ambition. Ensure all are ambitious and focused on achieving the very best for themselves and others, and recognise that underperformance is challenged through support and personal development.
  • Taking responsibility. Develop a culture in which all recognise that success depends upon personal responsibility as well as the support and challenge of others.
  • At the heart of the community. Build strong, sustainable links with the local community including representative groups, other schools, the LA, health, voluntary sector, faith groups and employers to embed ambition, raise aspirations and enrich the learning experience on offer.
  • Developing a moral compass. Everyone appreciates a range of different viewpoints, values and cultures in order to give context for their own moral compass, developing in the process, respect for diversity and an understanding of their obligations and responsibilities to others. Everyone understands their own rights as individuals and have the strength to challenge extremist views and ideologies in all their forms.

  • Focus on success, for today and the future.  Embed a culture of high aspirations so that all members are aware of, and seek, opportunities allowing them to develop the confidence, resilience, creativity and enquiring mind required to be successful now and in the future

The Trust believes that these values should allow all stakeholders to excel and believe that there are no limits to individual achievement. The Trust recognises its responsibility to the development and welfare of staff, and where appropriate how these values apply to adults as well as children
and young people.