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Mrs Maxted

Mrs Maxted is the Principal, with responsibility for the day to day running of Maltby Redwood Academy. Prior to this role, Mrs Maxted was an Assistant Principal and Senior Leader at Maltby Academy for ten years, fulfilling a range of roles and responsibilities in the school.

From April 2014 this role was extended across three of the schools within the newly established Multi Academy Trust as senior leader and named SENDCO. Systems, policies and procedures to support SEND and inclusion were embedded in the first year followed by a focus across all schools on promoting outstanding first wave teaching and learning through effective differentiation and use of other adults in the classroom. More recently and in light of the new curriculum guidelines, appropriate curriculum design, pedagogy and assessment to meet the needs of all students including an analytical understanding of how children learn have been the priority.

This programme has been acknowledged within the Maltby Learning Trust as being led strategically to provide stimulating, challenging and effective ideas and resources to support the work of all the SEND teams across the schools.

This area of responsibility continues to be significant for Mrs Maxted within Maltby Redwood Academy given the ambition to secure the best possible provision and outcomes for all learners and to move the school to the next level of performance.