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Trustee Information

Members and Directors:


Members Date of Appointment Date Stepped Down (If Applicable)
Dame Julie Kenny CBE DL 01/02/2014  
Lady Henrietta Scarbrough 30/09/2017  
Professor Philip Jones 10/07/2018  
Mr Richard Stubbs 13/12/2021  
Mr Richard Belcher 04/03/2022  


Trustees Designation Date of Appointment Date Stepped Down (If Applicable) Term of Office
Dame Julie Kenny DBE DL Chair of Board of Trustees 01/02/2014   4 years
David Sutton CEO 29/09/2009   NA
Jerry Jarvis   30/09/2017 09/05/2022 4 years
Marcus Beck   01/02/2014 30/08/2021 4 years
Paul Martin   01/02/2014 30/08/2021 4 years
Peter Sorsby   30/09/2017   4 years
Richard Belcher   01/02/2014 31/12/2021 4 years
Richard Stubbs   10/07/2018 12/12/2021 4 years
Glyn Staves Vice Chair 30/09/2017   4 years
Karen Smith   13/12/2021   4 years
Rebekah Russell   13/12/2021   4 years
Philip Morris   13/12/2021   4 years
Emma Peach   09/02/2022   4 years


Trustee Attendance at Board Meetings
Academic Year 2020/21

MLT Board Meetings

Dame Julie Kenny DBE DL


MLT Board Meetings David Sutton 8/8
MLT Board Meetings Jerry Jarvis 8/8
MLT Board Meetings Marcus Beck 8/8
MLT Board Meetings Paul Martin 7/8
MLT Board Meetings Peter Sorsby 7/8
MLT Board Meetings Richard Belcher 8/8
MLT Board Meetings Richard Stubbs 6/8
MLT Board Meetings Glyn Staves 7/8

Trustee Attendance at Staffing, Resource, Finance and Audit Meetings
Academic Year 2020/21

SRFA Meetings

Dame Julie Kenny DBE DL


SRFA Meetings David Sutton 4/4
SRFA Meetings Glyn Staves 3/4
SRFA Meetings Richard Belcher 4/4
SRFA Meetings Richard Stubbs 3/4
SRFA Meetings Chris Simmonds (Local Governor) 3/4
SRFA Meetings Emma Peach (Local Governor) 3/4

Trustee Attendance at Standards and Performance Meetings
Academic Year 2020/21

SAP Meetings

Paul Martin


SAP Meetings David Sutton 5/5
SAP  Meetings Marcus Beck 5/5
SAP Meetings Jerry Jarvis 4/5
SAP Meetings Pete Sorsby 2/5
SAP Meetings Jayne Chetwynd (Local Governor) 2/3
SAP Meetings Susan Shepherd (Local Governor) 3/5

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