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Maltby Academy and The Royal Society Work Together

Maltby Academy are involved in an exciting and prestigious exhibition hosted by The Royal Society.

Over the past few months, a group of Year 8 science students have been involved with the Secret Life of Birds project. They have been working with Dr Naylor from MA’s Science department and professor’s from the University of Sheffield on the project.

The aim is to set up a long-term ecological study site at Maltby Academy with the ultimate aim to provide for generations of Maltby students the opportunity to engage with real behavioural ecology projects. As well as igniting a passion for natural history, the approach will integrate technology, maths, computing, geography and other disciplines into a practical biology framework.

The group will be joining as an exhibitor at the forthcoming Summer Science Exhibition at The Royal Society in London this July. The Secret Life of Birds will be one of 22 exhibitors showcasing their work. Other exhibits include projects by universities and scientists and include cutting edge science and research projects. Click here for more information on these projects.

For more on the Secret Life of Birds project, click here.  This is a fantastic opportunity for students to be involved in and we are very proud that Maltby Academy are part of this innovative work.