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Lilly Hall students visit MA

Year 3 students from Maltby Lilly Hall Academy have completed their project work with the help of the Maltby Academy Design & Technology team.

Students came to MA for two practical work sessions. The sessions involved students using the casting process to manufacture pewter keyrings. The process involved heating solid pewter (a non-ferrous alloy) to its melting point of 200 degrees Celsius, and pouring the molten metal into a mould which students had shaped earlier.


All students designed and made their own keyring which they were able to keep! This was a great opportunity for the year 3’s and they took the time to write a thank you letter to the Academy. Some of the comments included -


“It was a great experience”

“I learnt lots of new skills”

“I love my keyring”


The Design & Technology department at MA look forward to working with the brilliant, creative Lilly Hall students again soon!