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Students at Maltby Academy lead the way in community clean-up efforts

Students from Maltby Academy are learning about fostering community spirit at an early age as they focus on their immediate environment and regularly conduct litter picks.

Led by the Academy’s dedicated Minister for the Environment, and with routes selected by the Maltby Academy Cabinet (MAC) leaders, the litter picks are a personal development drive, designed to nurture students into becoming proactive and responsible members of their local community.

Students are selected as a form of reward, either from attendance, positive achievement points, or nominated by staff members at Maltby Academy.

The initiative not only helps to clean up the environment but also promotes a sense of community and teamwork amongst students.

Mr Wood, Principal at Maltby Academy, said: “We are thrilled to see our students making a real difference to the environment in the areas they live and learn.

“The MA Community Litter Pick embodies our commitment to personal development and community engagement, providing our students with valuable experiences outside the classroom.”

The litter picks take place at least once every half term, with plans to increase the frequency in the next academic year as part of a new enrichment drive.

“This initiative is a fantastic way for our students to come together and contribute to their community,” added Mr Wood.