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New head named at Ravenfield Primary Academy

Maltby Learning Trust (MLT) has appointed a new Principal to lead Ravenfield Primary Academy.

Leanne Jepson, from Maltby, has been named as the new Principal at the Maltby Learning Trust (MLT) school.

Leanne said: “I am so proud to take up this role. As a former Maltby student, I am really excited to have the chance to give something back to the community I grew up in. My primary school was Maltby Redwood before it became an academy, and my secondary education was at Maltby Academy, then Maltby Comprehensive School. These schools inspired my love of learning and gave me the confidence to try and make a difference. I’m really proud to have that opportunity at Ravenfield.

‘ To be the Principal in a fantastic school like Ravenfield is a real privilege, although it’s a bit strange that Mr Sutton, who was my head teacher at school, is now my boss!’

Leanne, who studied at Sheffield Hallam University, undertook one of her first teaching placements at Ravenfield Primary Academy.

“I remember visiting the school when I applied for the role of assistant Principal and being totally blown away by the politeness of the children and the warmth of the staff. I knew it was a school and team that I would love to be a part of.

“Since joining Ravenfield Primary Academy, I have built a determination that only the very best will do for these children, their families, and the wider school community we serve. The MLT Vision is absolutely at the heart of what we do – Exceptional Experiences are what we aim to deliver. I take immense pride in being part of a Trust that aligns with my core values, and while it is my honour to be the Principal here, I will do everything I possibly can to deliver for the children we serve.”

David Sutton, Chief Executive of Maltby Learning Trust said: “It is fantastic to welcome Leanne into this post. Her dedication and passion for teaching and education is outstanding, and I’m sure that the staff and families of Ravenfield Primary Academy will join me in giving her a warm welcome as she steps up from Assistant Principal to Principal.

“Leanne is a great example of how we grow our own talent at MLT, even more so as she started life as a pupil in our schools. We are extremely proud of her achievements.”