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Maltby Learning Trust announces revamped e-Sports Enterprise course and scholarship

Maltby Learning Trust has revealed a new-look e-Sports course, which provides students with superb insight into the business of competitive online video gaming.

The e-Sports Enterprise course and scholarship will begin in September this year, based at the Trust’s refurbished Maltby Grammar Learning Hub. The course will have a dedicated new space within the Hub, which has seen the iconic old Grammar School repurposed in a £5.9 million project to create a multi-use space for learning, business and the community in Maltby.

The e-Sports Enterprise course and scholarship aim to inspire the next generation of young professionals entering the digital sector. e-Sports (or electronic sports) is a term used to describe competitive video gaming, which differs from standard video gaming in that e-Sports is competitive, pitching human against human, and usually has an engaging spectator element to it, like traditional sports. Tournaments usually involve amateur or professional gamers competing against one another. Some of the games played include Fortnite and Super Smash Bros.

The scholarship is part of a rebrand of the Trust’s Post-16 offering, which will become The Sixth Form Partnership, a collaboration between the Maltby Academy and the Sir Thomas Wharton Academy, which sees both schools sharing resources and campuses for sixth-form courses.

Brad Dobson, Director of Post-16 at Sir Thomas Wharton Academy, explained: “We are proud to offer this scholarship which will provide students with a first-class e-Sports experience, in addition to studying a range of qualifications. Students on the course will have access to high-quality classroom-based provision and receive training and guidance from industry professionals.

“They will be able to combine various Business, Information Technology, and e-Sports qualifications, and potentially participate in industry-recognised experiences. The programme involves game-based training, which allows players to develop skills across a variety of different roles, games, and platforms.”

Dani Curtis, Director of Post-16 at Maltby Academy, said: “We want to create a platform for students to achieve excellence, with the aim of developing all-round skills across many key areas, and to use e-Sports as a vehicle to acquire transferable skills that are relevant for the 21st century. We are excited to be offering this hands-on course, which will give students an excellent grounding in the business of e-Sport.”

To find out more about the scholarship on offer or to explore the course further email

The creation of Maltby Grammar Hub was made possible through a winning bid secured by Rotherham Council via the Government’s Levelling Up Fund, which gave £4.5 million towards the redevelopment.